Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Age, Race and Gender

"Age is everything" So I have been told countless time, but honestly. How many of us really allow age to stop us from doing something. Let alone since when does age mean something. Like sexuality, if you choose to be gay and say "I realized at a young age" people will question you or they will say "You aren't gay your just at the experimental age" What is the age for that? 14? or maybe its 19? if you really look into it even people as old as 30 tend to wonder how does it feel to be with the same sex when they swore they are straight. So why are people saying theirs an age limit to things of this sort.
Love have no gender and it shouldn't have an exact age. I mean, love is love after all right?
Sure they have laws about it now, sadly but does it honestly stop people? No.
In his own privacy a boy of 16 or 15 can love a woman up to age of 20. A male of 24 can love a girl up to age 16 if he so chooses to, again. in their own privacy. People aren't necessarily worked up about this but then you have the people that have problems with it. You have the supporters who say "Who cares what others say, if you love each other go for it" then of course you have the non supporters who will pretty much say "Your a pedophile, etc etc" and of course it goes for the same for gay couples. Age also stopped them at times. A boy cannot love a man and a girl cannot love a woman. Age shouldn't matter and neither should gender.
Love shouldn't have an age limit nor should it be stopped because of it along with gender. If you love someone whose older then who cares, if you love someone who is the same gender, don't let others stop you, go for what makes you happy. Learn to ignore and turn your back towards the ones who say harmful things. Doing such will show you will not be influenced by their negativity and are strong enough to continue your own path without others trying to pull you away from it.
Love also shouldn't have a race. We are allowed to, as humans to love whoever it be. Black, White, Asian, Mexican or whatever else race exists. Who cares if your family hates one race, if you love them, then go for it. Let your love be that of a Romeo and Juliet. If you really love them enough, you'll continue to love them through all the hardship and only love them more.
Age, gender and color means nothing to love. It will always pass all odds and over come the hate.
Stop the hate, and spread the love.

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