Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Legalize gay marriage

Though many are still against it, it's not stopping states around the U.S to legalize it.
I've seen and heard how gays are fighting to get it accepted in more then one and slowly they are getting it.
Recently, New York have legalized same sex marriage and to prove it, they had changed the color of the empire state building so it comes off as a rainbow.
I'm honestly proud because this shows that gays won't have to hide or even travel far seeing how more states are allowing them to get the marriage they deserve.
After all, if straights can get married, why can't gays?
In general we are all humans and every human deserves the happiness and wonderful memories of marriage, not just people who are opposite sex.
Then again, the only people who don't approve of gays are usually hard core Christians who believe its wrong and god hates gay {Which isn't true} along with people who fear gays {Homophobic} thinking that "gay" is a disease that can be caught.
Over all, The sooner alls states allow Gay marriage the sooner the haters of gays will have no choice but to full accept gays into the community. Hell, even if they try to escape it by going to different parts of the world, they will see that even over seas allow gays to marry. Sweden being one of the few over seas countries allowing gays to marry.
If the states can legalize marijuana, legalize owning a gun and many other crazy things that can possibly kill us, why can't they fully legalize same sex? It doesn't cause any harm to us nor does it threaten our life.

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